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The school attaches great importance to co-curricular activities. All children are encouraged to develop some hobbies.
A healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to all-round development and this is ensured through various leisure activities and physical sports.

Art and Crafts

Art and crafts form an integral part of the academic curriculum. Students take part in occasional on-the-spot painting and drawing competitions organised in school and by outside agencies. This provides a fillip to the innate creativity of the children. Regular Art & Craft classes enhance the aesthetic sensibilities of the children.

Dance and Drama

A lot of encouragement is given to children who have an aptitude for dance and drama.


Both Indian and Western music are taught in VMHSS. Special effort is made to tap the talent of the boys who have a natural flair for singing. The concepts of beauty, creativity, rhythm and harmony are thus skilfully woven into the school curriculum.


Physical Training and Games are compulsory for all pupils unless otherwise medically advised. Athletics, an important factor in character building, occupies an important place in the school programme. It is our proud boast that every pupil of VMHSS takes part in the Annual Sports day function.


Elocution competitions in English and Tamil are held regularly to develop proper speech habits in the students.


Scouting facilities are offered by the school to help students develop an attitude of self-help and comradeship. They attend Scout Camps each year.

Co-curricular activities

To conduct various in house activities, we have primary secondary and higher secondary clubs, these clubs are involved in academic, cultural and social activities which in turn bring about productive work from the students.
Extra-curricular activities
Extra-curricular activities like chess, carom, keyboard, music, taekwando, vocal and dance are designed to stimulate the interest of the student and to provide opportunities for self expression there by ensuring the formation of balanced and integrated personality.
Language is power
Institute of Language Management, Bangalore, develops students competency in English. It helps students to step into the rich and fascinating treasure house of stories and conversation.
Interactive methodology
A modern device which brings World Wide Technology inside the classroom. It enhances learning and makes the lesson dynamic. It is an informative board at our fingertips to get students involved and excited

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